H. J. Gaupp
Commercial Director of the company SERTO AG | Switzerland
"We at Serto have had the pleasure of working with the magician Mapez, during the Fluidtrans fair in Milan held from 20 to 23 September 2006.
Mapez impressed us all by providing high quality services and highlighting our company products with his magic effects and illusions. His sense of humor supported us during the four days of Fluidtrans. We found in Mapez punctuality, reliability and professionalism. Mapez is an excellent magician, he worked above all expectations making us fully satisfied with his work.
Serto is sincerely eager to recommend Mapez for other similar events."
Barbara Masullo
Communication and Organization Events eMID SIM SpA | Milan
"A talented matryoshka: this is how I would call Mapez! There is to be amazed, not only when he performs his illusions, but also for the emotions you feel when looking at his caricatures, that are fantastic humorous portraits. The imagination of an artist like him makes everything really special.
After various collaborations with him, both as a magician/illusionist and as a caricaturist, I am happy to say that the success of my events is also due to his originality.
And then he has class! Book him, and you won't be sorry!"
Mauro Vaerini
Director of the event service agency Numeri Primi | Bergamo
"Mapez is a magician with whom we have often had the pleasure of collaborating. His passion for magic and the emotions he manages to convey to the spectators convinced us to choose him on behalf of the UEFA Champions League.
He performed in the Champions Club (UEFA VIP room) of the Olympic stadium in Rome and in that of the Giuseppe Meazza stadium (San Siro) in Milan.
We wish Mapez to achieve other prestigious goals."
Eric Vaux
Host Couple of the company Châteauform' | Rome
"I'm Erik, I'm from Paris, but am in Rome now. The name of my company is Châteauform'.
Regarding your show I can say this: 'Well, it was my fork before the show and now… what can I do with that?!'
Seriously, I was very pleased to welcome you on board! I was astonished about your magic show and, as happened to me, all the others were pleasantly surprised about that.
Bravo, bravissimo Mapez!"
Gianni Floris
Evoluzione Bagno | Ryan Napherra Group | Rome
"Funny but always polite, very skilled but with great modesty, engaging but discreet, surprising but spontaneous. Mapez is like this: he comes on the tips of his toes, he amuses you while turning up side down your consolidated logic and, while you're there thinking about how impossible what you've just seen is, he again baffles you with very quick hand movements and a reassuring smile that seems to say: 'Don't worry, it is natural that you don't understand.' And magically, just as he arrived, he disappears only to reappear at another table.
Thank you for giving great verve to an evening that otherwise would have turned into just an ordinary dinner. A definite praise also from all, absolutely all, those who attended. Many told me that they will always remember your great skill, and will contact you at the first opportunity. They have named you the 'Joker' that solves the game.
A hug, see you soon."
Fr. Alessandro Cacciotti
Director of Collegio San Giuseppe | Istituto De Merode | Rome
"Dear Mapez, thank you for the beautiful afternoon you gave our friends, the elderly and/or with disability problems that today, on the occasion of the XXXI Fraternity Day, were guests at our school, the Collegio San Giuseppe - De Merode Institute.
Your show was really enjoyable and all eyes were glued on you and on your performance. I congratulate you for your ability to engage viewers and make them feel part of your magic. I was struck by your sense of humor and by your choice to keep the audience so close to you, as if there were nothing to hide and all your wonders happened with the utmost naturalness.
I wish you all the success you deserve."
Aldo Colombini
World famous magician | Florida (United States)
"Mapez knows like few others the profession of entertaining.
As a profound connoisseur of magical art, his personal magic style manages to captivate adults and children. His shows are a set of amazing illusions and original comedy."
Alessia Chiani
Director of the restaurant Al Carioca | Rome
"Mapez is a real wonder! He manages to turn your evening into something truly magical.
His fun personality, never intrusive, makes him loved by young and old. With always new and amusing illusions he is so fascinating that you would never want him to go!"
Maurizio Liberati
Director of the restaurant Salus Beach | Ostia (RM)
"This summer 2007 Mapez worked at our restaurant for various evenings, always enjoying great success, with great illusions that amazed and amused my customers as they did with me.
Professional and fun, I would recommend him to anybody without any reservation."
references (kids)
Ilaria Marucelli
Head of the "Education and School" sector LAV Anti Vivisection League | Rome
"Mapez often offers us moments of entertainment in events that involve children. His great magician skills are enhanced by the fact that he does not make his beloved Apache bunny work!
Great Mapez, keep it up. Long live fun, but without animals."
Riccardo Bartoli
President of Pro Loco Colonna Association | Rome
"We had the honor to get to know the professionalism, elegance and skill of Mapez during the 'Grape Festival and Pincinelle' on September 23rd 2018.
Although we had planned an event for 30 children, during the show more than 200 spectators of all ages participated and his great skill and experience allowed him to equally perform a great show!
We strongly believe that he chose to be a magician because his goal is to make people smile. If you need magic and illusions, do not think about it... contact Mapez and you will be satisfied."
Anna Maria Celletti
Teacher at Infant School | Comprehensive Institute Ottaviano Bottini | Piglio (FR)
"Magical, catchy, comical, original!
These are just some of the adjectives we could use to talk about Mapez and his shows.
Professionalism and illusion come together in one essence, able to catapult us into a fantastic carefree world; a world in which the illusion awakens in us that candid wonder that is lost after childhood."
Marco Pelagatti
Director of the entertainment agency Acchiappafeste | Rome
"What to say about Mapez? He is a real star!
He manages to attract the attention of young and old with humor, naturalness and a lot of professionalism. Mapez's magic shows are to be seen and lived up to the last illusion.
An artist to whom I would like to wish a future full of satisfactions."
Maria Mastrofini
Director of the Cavalier Day event | Rome
"To be certainly recommended to enrich, with a touch of originality any kind of event: professionalism and fun distinguished Mapez's performance at our national meeting 'Cavalier Day 2007' in Rome.
Together with my personal thanks, we add the thanks and the smiles of the numerous children and adults present, who were fascinated by the originality and the magic of the show.
Thanks Mapez."
Fabrizio Vianello
President of the T. T. Vianello sports facility | Rome
"Mapez worked at our sports facility for all the summer of 2005 with the children of the summer center.
He greatly entertained them by capturing their attention and enchanting them with his magic tricks. His punctuality, seriousness and professionalism were much appreciated by the Tennis Team Vianello Management as by the parents of the children."
Viviana Scarselletta
Director of the entertainment agency Pendeleo | Anagni (FR)
"What entertainer!!! Mapez is a real "showman", versatile and always adequate.
What is most convincing of him? Seeing him having so much fun while entertaining both adults and children! But besides passion for us, the seriousness and professionalism are very important, virtues that in Mapez always appreciated every time he has worked with us."
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