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Do you want to liven up, with elegance, a special occasion for which you care a lot? Looking for an original gift for a birthday, a graduation party, an anniversary or a reception you've been invited to? Are you looking for a new entertainment event for your club, different from the usual live music or karaoke? Do you have to organize the inauguration or a promotional event for your business? Are you the owner or art director of a villa or other receptions venues, an event service agency, an entertainment agency and want to offer your clients unforgettable service?

Astonish your friends, guests or customers offering them a Magic Show that is seriously involving. The show is a non-intrusive kind of entertainment, is engaging, fascinating, fun and innovative. The right idea to make recurrences and events unique!
Mapez can present, from table to table, his magic "close up". With grace, elegance and humor he entertains guests during breaks between the various courses, astonishing them with fascinating illusions and engaging effects.

Magic at close range, known as "Close-Up Magic", is much in demand and appreciated, as people love the fact that they see the magic LIVE without TV special effects. This kind of magic finds its maximum expression when it is presented, directly at the tables of spectators. The performance is in close contact with the people who actively take part as the magic happens also in their hands, thus experiencing the unique experience of "living the illusion"!

Offering this type of show is also an excellent "ice breaker" that encourages conversation; after the performance in fact, often guests talk about what they just witnessed. Close-Up Magic can be performed anywhere, at any time and without need of amplification system, so it will not disturb those who may not be interested at the time, and want to talk in peace. Non-bulky apparatus is used, just items such as playing cards, ropes, coins, rings, balls, rubber bands and even objects borrowed from the spectators.
During events where people are mainly standing, for example during cocktail parties, this show is the alternative to Table Hopping Magic. Mapez performs his incredible illusions close up, while walking among the various groups of people standing, enchanting and entertaining the guests.

This kind of show is also great as "Itinerant Magic" & "Street Magic" in shopping centers for example during commercial or promotional events, and in various other circumstances.
Mapez with an elegant and humorous style, presents his very personal "Mapez Show - Live the Illusion". In this One Man Show, with which Mapez performs on stage, the spectators are involved all together as if they were in a theater, in fascinating illusions, brilliant effects of "Comedy Magic" and original experiments of "Mental Magic". They are involved in the show very politely, with no embarrassing moments, and have great fun thanks to the situations that are gradually created. There is a relaxed atmosphere during the show, which makes participating in the show natural.
This is a combination that is always a great success: guests are entertained first with the Table Hopping Magic and to follow, all together as if they were in a theater, they attend a short version of the Magic Parlor Show with which Mapez ends his artistic performance.
Mapez will perform standing still in a dedicated position and anybody interested can approach him in order to follow his illusions. Once the ice is broken, they will be actively involved, assisting Mapez in some of his magical effects. Mapez always involves audience members politely, without embarrassing the participants, but having fun thanks to the situations that are created.

This is a great type of performance, for example, during trade shows for its originality and for the fact that people are entertained only for a few minutes, have fun and then continue visiting the exhibition. Mapez with his magical performances actively contributes to the success of the stand that hires him: he attracts customers, can promote company products and sponsor the brand.
Mapez offers also another type of entertainment: Author Caricatures as "live caricaturist". In fact, for years his hands are at the service of humorous design. Obviously the two types of entertainment, magic and caricatures, can be combined in the same event. For any info about this click and visit

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